Why is cycling clothing better?

The pad in the cycling shorts is a very important part of the design of a jersey, after all, it is related to the happiness of the lower body blessing & the second half of life,so that a cushion can provide comprehensive protection from the ischium to the genitals while riding, alleviating the contact with the bolster The pressure caused, especially for long-distance riding.

Cycling Set Ropa Ciclismo Thermal Fleece

$61.09 $32.99

You are wearing loose clothes cycling, covered with sweat when a burst of cold wind, it is easy to have a cold … …At this time the role of riding clothes is reflected and some can quickly take away sweat, significantly enhance the cooling rate , To avoid excessive increase in body temperature.some through the wind and waterproof breathable fabric both in cold weather so that people do not over-temperature.



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